Hi, I'm Jazmin!

Picking a photographer for any event can be stressful, I know that from personal experience. I remember the first time I was on the search for one for myself and was terrified I wouldn't get along with the photographer, that I wouldn't know how to pose, and even afraid of the price. Because of this, I practiced photography on myself, pets, birds, family, etc for years (since I got my first Canon at 16!) Through those years of practice I have learned what people want out of a photography session and how to capture that for them. And I would be honored to capture moments for you, too!

I want you to know a little bit about me so you can decide for yourself if we will make a good team. (FYI, we probably will). I have always been an outgoing, artistic, detail oriented person. If you aren't - that's totally cool, that's what you're hiring me for right? I love LOVE, meeting new people, having new experiences, happiness, animals, the outdoors, any joke, kids, traveling, and eating.

I am married to Kevin, we have one dog, one cat, and our sweet son Leo! When you book a session with me, don't be surprised if Kevin is along to help carry the camera bag or accessories needed for our session. Also, if you are looking for a wedding photography team of two, Kevin is always my plus one - I have taught him everything he knows behind the camera.

In conclusion, friends, my passion is happiness. And photography just fit's in with that. I cannot wait to meet you and your family! 



““We had Jazmin and Kevin photograph our wedding. They made everything so fun and easy! The bond that these two have together is amazing! The guests from our wedding were complimenting on their work ethic of photography. They were very accommodating and they were very patient with the many children that were apart of taking pictures. I would recommend them to anyone!"”

—Katie & Tyson